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Giant yard games


Here, the joy of playing classic games knows no bounds! Whether it's Jenga, Mikado or 4 wins, we have the perfect collection of big games that promise endless fun for both young and old.

Giant connect 4 game from Schuster Design on Bundesplatz on 1. August

Fun for everyone.
As experienced by hundreds of guests on the Berner Bundesplatz on
1. August 2023

With an open invitation for everyone to join in, these familiar favorites take on a whole new dimension, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all!

Giant Jenga with customer at Schuster Design stand on Bundesplatz 1. August
Close-up Mega Mikado on Bundesplatz on 1. August
All prices are for a 24 hour renting periods.
Subsequent 24 hours are charged with 50% of renting price of games.
You pick-up
Delivery & installation
Delivery, installation & animation
Giant 4 in a row
CHF 280,-
CHF 480,-*
CHF 680,-*
Jumbo Jenga
CHF 120,-
CHF 320,-*
CHF 520,-*
Mega Mikado
CHF 30,-
CHF 230,-*
CHF 430,-*
All games
CHF 400,-
CHF 600,-*
CHF 800,-*
All games (distance advantage)
CHF 700,-**
CHF 900,-**
*inkl. 40km from CH 1863 Le Sépey. Beyond that, CHF 1.70/km will be charged.
Example calculation: Delivery (and pick up) to a location 50 km from us will cost in total: 50km -40 km (free) = 10 km. 10 km x CHF 1.70 = CHF 17,-.
(If your event takes place 99km from Le Sépey, the last option in the table is to your advantage).

**All games anywhere in Vaud, Valais, Bern, Fribourg and Geneva. Use, if your event location is over 99 km from Le Sépey. If your event is in another canton, please contact us directly.


You pick-up in CH-1863 Le Sépey
You come to our headquarter, get all pieces and mounting tools. After your event, you bring everything back.

We deliver and install
We bring and install the games you ordered.
After your event, we come back and pick everything up again.

We deliver, install and animate
We bring and install the games your ordered.
1 person will stay and animate for 6 hours. Every additional hour is billed with CHF 62,-.

Details about games:

Giant Connect 4
Overall size: 2.8 m x 1.6 m
All pieces and mounting tools.
(ATTENTION! The largest piece is 2.5 m x 1.25 m large and weighs 45 kg. A van or trailer is necessary for transportation.)

Jumbo Jenga
120 x 20 cm long pieces
Can reach over 3m in height.
All pieces and a carpet.

Mega Mikado
26 x 1 meter long pieces.
All pieces and score explanation board.

Looking for something special for the next event?
Contact us. Let's discuss the options.
Our games are made from sustainable SWISS wood and local production.
Let's make your event unforgettable.
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3d CAD Modeling

We 3d model your idea, project or piece for CNC machining or 3d printing.