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We assist you in moving wood, that you don't need anymore. Whether it has to go to the next landfill or if it might be salvageable.

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To maintain the idea of a sustainable use of materials, we propose to pick up any wooden boards or beams, that may be the result of emptying or modifying a space.

Pile of recuperated Swiss Wood against a wall

Free pick-up for usable material.

Free of charge*, if you have old wooden boards or beams, that are re-cyclable for us to be used (to be determined in person, on the spot, or after a photo / video-call).

*(depending on amount of re-useable material and
distance to our workshop)

Pile of Swiss Wood beams in the sun
Swiss Wood boards in a pile

Wood for the landfill

Understandably, not all wood is still in the shape of being re-used for recycling and our purposes.

Any wood, that we need to get to the landfill, costs
CHF 120,- per trailer ( max. 750kg).

You have old wood, that needs to get moved out of sight? You need someone with a van and/or trailer?
Contact us. Let's talk about, what your need is.
Exchange photos/video call, e.g. via WhatsApp, to assess your cost.
Fix a date and time. We'll be there. On time and prepared.



CNC Machining

Whether wood or soft metals. On our mobile 3-axis cnc, we can machine things, others simply can't.